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My Story

Loving every minute of my journey!

Ana Oja​la


Early Childhood Education, Honours, Lethbridge College.

Bachelor in Child and Youth Care, Early Years Specialization, Honours, University of Victoria 

My Childcare Journey

My name is Ana Ojala. I am the Owner and Director of all our private Reggio-inspired  programs. I am a wife, mother, sister, and now a grandmother. I absolutely love my family.  I have been a stay at home mom and a working mom.  When I was a working mom I used licensed and unlicensed childcare.  I understand the challenges of finding someone to trust with what we value most in the world, our children.

One year my maternity leave was almost over and it literally hurt my heart to go back to work because I was not happy with the childcare choices available.  I knew my children deserved better, ALL children deserved better.  Just because we're in a small community it doesn't mean we have to settle for less than exceptional quality childcare.

With that goal in mind I went back to university and cultivated the most current child based learning theories and practices to create my Reggio-inspired "Nurture by Nature" programs.  These are the programs that I wished I could have found for my children when they were little.  They are now here for the benefit of the children in the Brooks community!

For the past 16 years I have owned and created childcare spaces that respect and value each child's individual development and celebrates the joy that specifically belongs to the early childhood timeframe.  I absolutely love my chosen career and I absolutely love my sweet Reggio-inspired centre so much! 

Our local childcare programs should compare and exceed the top programs anywhere in Canada! I feel that mine does. 



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